Sunday, 5 June 2011

fantage tricks and cheats part 1 :how to get free ecoins

hi and welcome my blog :fantage tricks and cheats. this is a version .....ummmmm..... this is part 1 . i thinks .lolz sorry it just that i made a new blog account and its hard you know anyway today ima teach you how to get free e coins lolz yay!  OK many people might get 500 if they do this.some people get 1000 if they do this. so this is how

1.make a new fantage account
2.ok everyone now since you have made a new fantage account all you have to do is wait 6 days and log in 7 days

and u get free e coin tada well that for today hope you enjoyed

1 comment:

  1. do u mean ill not use for six days then after ill use it for 7 days?:) sooooo excited